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LSA understands that many will have questions regarding Enterprise Resilience and how to obtain this level of strength and competence to ensure your business achieves competitive advantage. We also know you may have questions about LSA Consultants and what makes us your best choice as your preferred Enterprise Resilience consultants.  


Therefore, we have compiled these Q&A’s from the most frequently asked questions that we receive.  If LSA has not answered your question here, please contact us directly and we will be only too happy to help.

 01   Does LSA demonstrate Enterprise Resilience Capability?

​LSA comes with a wealth of experience assisting organisations with resilience standards implementation. With its multi-disciplined resilience standard management system track record, LSA offers an end to end consultancy support from your Enterprise Development Grant application through to the development of a compliant management system. With our personalised support and management system expertise, all of LSA's clients have cleared their certification audit on their first attempt.

 02  Are LSA specialists?

LSA has extensive Enterprise Resilience and Security specialist knowledge. For over 15 years we have been one of the leading Asia Pacific consultants with accrued knowledge of processes, priorities, threats, risks and key documentation across the resilience spectrum to aid our clients to prepare for compliance and certification.

 03 oIs LSA a Certifying body?

LSA is not a certifying body but a consultancy that leads your business through the phases of assessment, training, implementation, test and exercise and audit.  Part of LSA’s end to end service, includes facilitation of the certification process that is performed by your preferred certification body. We are with you every step of the way.

LSA maintains an excellent professional relationship with all Certifying Bodies. We understand the objectives of the audit teams and their compliance requirements to guide you to success.

 04  Why choose LSA?

Of course not all organisations have the skill, or available resources to implement the ISO Resilient Standards to a compliant level.  LSA can provide you with the project management capability and experience to effectively engage your staff and key stakeholders to implement, test, exercise, and audit your management system to reach a compliant state that will achieve certification.  LSA Consultants commits to ensure your system processes are compliant to the standards prior to any external audit by a certification body.


In order to ensure we leave you with a value added service, our consultants will provide the program management training to staff and train key personnel to ensure they are capable of maintaining the system after we leave.

All our clients have successfully cleared their external audit and achieved certification to enterprise standards on their 1st attempt.

 05  Can LSA make my business more efficient?
LSA Consultants has demonstrated improved business process efficiencies and savings where losses traditionally manifest through breaches of weak business resilience controls. We understand management systems standards and how they can be implemented to improve your bottom line.  With LSA your business will be in a unique position of strength in relation to your competitors.

06  Does LSA offer value for money?


LSA Consultants understands budget and expenditure pressures. We work on a case by case basis to understand your financial tolerance. Each project is customised to specifically add value. Our consultancy costs are fully transparent.

 07  What are the types of ISO certification to show that my company is Enterprise Resilient?

Invariably, Supply Chain Security, Business Continuity, and Information Security Management are all part of the key controls that help to mitigate the risks associated with an enterprise resilient implementation approach. Coordinating these efforts to sustain enterprise resilience requires a 'process oriented' approach that can be defined, measured, and actively managed.

 08   How long will the implementation and certification of any of these ISO Resilient Standards take?

Depending on the size of your organisation and complexity of its operations, the general timeline for a mid-size company from implementation to the certification stage will take approximately 6 to 9 months.  This allows enough time for training, system testing, corrective action and continual improvement as required by the standard.

 09  Is Government funding available to implement these Enterprise Resilience Standards?


Yes, currently an Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is available to SMEs upon application to Enterprise Singapore for ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 28000, ISO 37001 and SS 584.  Singapore based SME companies can apply for support to help defray part of the costs of consultancy and certification. The criteria to qualify for an SME is:

  • Registered and operating in Singapore

  • Have a minimum 30% local shareholding; and

  • Have a group annual sales turnover of no more than $100m or group employment size of not more than 200 employees.

Please refer to Enterprise Singapore for further information

 10  How do I obtain an Enterprise Development Grant?

LSA offers assistance to its SME clients, that qualify for EDG, with the grant application process as part of our end to end service.  LSA can help your company to develop the necessary project documentation, timeline and deliverables required for the grant application.

The application for funding assistance through Enterprise Singapore should be made as soon as possible to capitalise on the recently extended period of availability into 2024.

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